Monday, October 8, 2007

song 4 friends



skg i form 5..
result in in my trial spm was great..ALHAMDULILLAH
i know,mayb this is not a right time to story about my school,
yelah, org lain borak pasal school ni ms awal thn..
but,since i'm not sure if i'll be in this school or not 4 the next year,
i think this is the perfect time to share my happy time in my school...
my classmates are very happy go lucky girls..
i'm happy to b in this class which i considered the one of the most unique class that i've ever been in..
i masuk school ni last year wif my pmr result..
first time msk class ni,mmg lain..
well, i was a new student that time..
our class monitor is a very2 happy girl..
she is actually our class monitor 4 last year too..
well,since she is a reliable girl,we chose her again 4 this year..
she was smart n everyone enjoy being friend with her..
yg paling unik about my class is
walaupun dlm kls ni ada beberapa group,
ukhwah kitorg tetap ok..
xde sampai gaduh2..
sume org bebas tegur-menegur,x yah takut2..
my class b4,
klu dah b'geng tu,
sampai x bertegur sapa..
hampa hal hampa,
kami hal kami..
assabiah tul..
dlm kls i skg, rs mcm adik bradik...
i bkn nk compare classmates i kat school skg,
ngn school i sblm ni..
msg2 ada keistimewaan t'sendiri..
camne gembira pon i kat skul ni,
i tetap igt kat classmates i kat skul sana..
kat skul lama,
jumlah students x ramai mcm skul skg..
sbb tu cikgu2 sng igt students..
kat skul dulu, ramai cikgu yg kenal,rasa sronok bila ckgu2 pggil nama i..
kat skul skg, cikgu ramai sgt,
student lg ramai,
from 5 je dah lebih 10 kelas..
cikgu pon jrg paggil nama..
wasa t'sisih je..
mm..k la..
smbg in next blog..
slamat b'buka..!!!!

salam !!

i've wrote a few blog b4,
but i always wanna do different blog everytime i create it. .
well, here i come,
wanna share my daily life with my readers...
most important, wanna make friends with u..
i hope u'll continue ur support on this blog..
c u in next posting..