Monday, October 27, 2008

juz got back from pangkor

salam n hi..
i n my cohort-mates actually baru je balik dari camping kat p.pangkor,
trip kat sana mmg best!
plus ngn lecturers yg sporting2
n xtvt yg cool!
kayak tgh laut tuu
ada la dlm 10km..
plg best,
kerjasama 60 person of us utk
lancarkan suma xtvt
dari peralatan smpai la memasak,
suma wat sesama..
every xtvt strenghten the bonding among us..
tu yg penting..

Saturday, October 25, 2008

my college life

salam n hi!
wah, so long i'm not blog hah!
well,as if anyone notice me..haha
i juz remember that i'm not telling u guys yet about my new college life..

it's hard to sesuaikan myself in this tefl course,
i always think that my english level is always lower than my cohort-mates..
no matter what,
i try to do my best in every assignment given..
whenever my lecturers remind us that they have to use higher english level with us and that we have to use the higher english level in our assignments since we are the oversea twinning programme students,
i become terrified as i know since my high school years,
my teachers always tell me about my simple english that i use..
it's frightened me enough to let me think wether i can survive to get to QUT(Queensland Universities of Technology,Australia) or not,
[even most of the time,i think i cannot!]
despite of this thoughts,
i always remind myself that i should do something to improve my english level n get myself to QUT in 201o..
to be continued...

Friday, August 29, 2008

people change~

salam n hai..
it's been a few days since i'm not write..
people change..
yeah,of course they do..
they will,to adapt with their new environment..
i'm sure all of us changing time by time,i am..
some people change to be a better man,but some to the one who we not known like b4..
it's hard to accept someone who we know well before but changed to a new person which hurt us..
urm,sorry 4 my quite twisting words~

Friday, August 22, 2008

ALHAMDULILLAH..pass the JPJ test

salam n hai,
yesterday i've gone through my jpj test n finally,
i pass the test!
i'll get my license by this coming sunday..
i'll write more soon..bye!!
p/s:not done the assignmentS yet!!gotta go!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

tons of assignment to do

salam n hai
not enough time to worry about my missing phone
start searching for materials for the assignments at library this morning
found some of the materials and will be back at the library tomorrow to finish the searching of the materials and start editing n choosing the best materials from those i got..
need to finish all this assignment b4 thursday because i gotta go to my license test which i failed b4..
wish me luck yeah!!
[dun want to repeat the license test again,so tired thinking of it]

Sunday, August 17, 2008

a tough journey to my hometown! T.T

salam n hai!
i dont know whats happening to me lately,
i think i need to remind [muhasabah] myself what i have done all this while,

1st=my hp missing
2nd=my bus which should start our way back to kedah at 2.30pm yesterday,delayed the perjalanan to 5.++ pm!

could u imagine us waiting for the bus for 3 hours on heavy rainy day!?
with our wet baju,
we get on to our freezing seat.
n guess what,
the ujian not stop there,
the bus already stopped at hentian sebelah simpang pulai[perak]
when i wake up from my nap.
we felt something wrong somewhere when the bus still not moving after 1 hour.
my friends had asked 1 of the passenger what's going on actually,
we're told that the bus's clutch actually had broke down,
n they are waiting for a mechanic to fix it up!
then,i thought it would be ok if it take 1.++ hours to wait for the machanic,
the bus still not going anywhere after the clock pass 12.30 midnight!!!!!
after having some chat[?] with the other passengers,
they told us that we could wait for the mechanic to come,
tumpang another bus instead.
at first,
i n my friends are planning to wait for the mechanic n we even have our nap for some minutes,
when we woke up ,
we saw 2 ''tuut tuut''[cannot mention their name maa] buses
are there to tumpangkan some of the pessengers of my bus to our destination.
i look at the clock n it's 2 a.m already,
n we cannot take it anymore to wait forever for the mechanic to come!![ergh!!]
we decided to tmpang one of the bus and willing to have our seat on the stairs of the bus only,
as long as we sampai to our destination safe n soundly.
after 11 HOURS [whoa! can u believe it [KL-ALOR SETAR]?!!]
i arrived at tol nearby my house,
with my parents n my 2 sleeping sister,
already waiting for me,
after had a call from my friend
to fetch me up.
when i think positively about what happen to me lately
there's always hikmah di sebalik every single thing happened..

1st=i should listen to my parents advice to hang my hp around my neck so that it will
not missing!!
2nd= check with someone who always using the public transportation before decide
to pick which company of the transportation should i use

phewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!huh.....[exhausted] -,-

Friday, August 15, 2008

mana hp akuuu ???????!!!!!!!

salam n hai,
today's the most chaotic day for me as my hp was MISSING!!!!!!!!!
i'd look for it everywhere around the ipg!
i also went to tesl block 2 times which is all the way up to the hill of the ipik!!
i even not have the chance to take a nap for this whole day!
i'd called my phone hundreds of times n nobody pick it up..
i'd told my mum about it n she's not as mad as i thought she would be
she even said that maybe i could use my dad's PDA hp ..
the most hard thing to accept that all my contacts in the sim card inside the hp are all lost,
so pathetic dont u think so?
i never left my phone b4,n it's hard this time!!
the hp had bought by my bro right b4 he went to syria,
thats what the sentimental valued mean for my HP.........
so sorry abg, 4 lost the sorry..
n to all my friends,
so sorry as we might be lost contact for a while......

Thursday, August 14, 2008

new life!!!

salam n hi!!
after a very busy weeks
i finally get to continue my blogging!
arabic language to TESL?
what do u think?
a very big transformation in my life
i'm very worried whether i can survive in TESL or not
after i'd fall in love in arabic,
it's a tough decision to make when i know i had given the 2nd chance to be a trainee teacher..
a lot of things i want to share with you guys actually
but i will tell you later on because i've no mood to talk about that for this time being..
one thing for sure,
can't wait till tomorrow because i'll be at my grandma's home at kepong
n my mak long who live at cheras will fetch me n my 2 more friends to grandma's house after maghrib..
i n my 2 friends will start our way to BALIK KAMPUNG for this 1 week intra semester break on saturday evening!

Monday, July 28, 2008

sempat ka??

salam n hai2!
pg td i g akademik amik borang penyelesaian hutang sblm kluar dr sini
utk lgkapkan borang tu i kena minta sign drpd jabatan2 yg disebutkan
oleh kerana x sempat nk g mintak,
i tangguhkan dulu..
n i kena selesaikan suma benda2 tu esok jgk sbb dgr kata rabu ni cuti sempena ISRAK MI'RAJ..
esok jgk group BI i nk kena interview one of the lecturer utk group assignment kitorg..
suma benda ni kena siapkkan pg esk gak..
kls i esk start kul 11..
mintak2 sempat selesai sblm tu..~AAMIIN~

step by step..

salam n hai3..
kelmarin i g HEPA tanya psl prosedur kluar uni bg yg dpt offer tmpat lain..
diorg kata,
i kena g pejabat akademik
isi borang n etc..
smlm plk,
mak i tepon,
mak i kata,
family i akan bertolak ke trgnu,
hari rabu ni..
n mak i kata jgk yg myb rabu atau khamis ni jgk i akan balik..
khamis,jumaat n sabtu ni supposed to be some sort of camp utk student BAHTERA
dekat Lata Tembakah
sygnya i x smpat turut serta n mgkin x smpat jumpa my classmates esp. the seniors..
tp, yg bestnya,
pg klmarin,
ada sesi fotografi mengikut course..
i sempat bergambar ngn kengkwan walaupun x sempat tamatkan diploma BAHTERA nii..

Friday, July 25, 2008

satu sekolah+satu kursus=2 org

salam n hai3..
tgk tajuk posting i ni,cam pelik je..ntah pa pe ntah..
x tau tajuk pe yg sesuai..
td,ada kawan satu sekolah i contact i yg dia baru daftar UDM smlm..
n dia dapat satu kursus ngn i [BAHTERA]
i pn g la kat dorm dia utk terangkan jadual kitorg n tunjukkan dia tempat2 kuliah
i cakap kat dia,
memula dulu,
i pn pening gak cam dia
tapi lelama ok lah
skg ni i dh ada schoolmates dalam kelas i[sblm ni i sorg je dr MMAS]
pstu,ntah mcmana,i gtau dia yg i pn x lama dah kat bumi UDM ni
dia terkejut n gtau yg dia baru nak rapat ngn i [kat sek,kitorg lain kls]
i pn nasihat kat dia yg dia akan ok nnt..
slama 20 hari lebih kat sini,
hubungan i ngn kwn2,ALHAMDULILLAH,ok
tp i rasa ketiadaan i x kan beri kesan/org x perasan pun..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

selamat tinggal + syukran jazilan sahabiah2 ku........=[

sebalik berita gembira yg i terima ni,
ada jugak rasa sebak dalam jiwa i skg
i dah mula rasa dekat ngn kwan2
dan yg plg penting,
i dah mula rasa yg i ni sebahagian daripada keluarga UDM..
mcmana pn,
melangkah keluarnya i dari UDM,
xkan hilangkan zouq i sbg ahli UDM
n momori selama 26++ hari berada di sini
akan terpahat dalam kotak memori i selagi i bergelar student..
offer yg dtg tiba2 ni,
i xkan lpskan mcm tu saja..
bukan senang nk dapat peluang ni..
ALLAH makbulkan doa i n ahli keluarga terutama parents i,
juga doa drpd guru2 sekolah i dulu..
hari2 yg masih berbaki sebelum i melangkah keluar dari UDM akan i gunakan sebaik2nya
utk mohon maaf dan ucapkan terima kasih kpd kawan2 n pensyarah2
yg sanggup layan kerenah i n dah curahkan ilmu yg x ternilai walaupun hanya dalam jangka masa yg amat singkat.


salam n hai3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hari ni dlm sejarah!
antara hari yg plg happy dlm hidup i!
ptg td,
lebih kurang kul 2,
masa i tgh bersiap2 nak p pekan ngn kawan,
unknown number[03] telefon i,
bila angkat rupa2nya wakil dari IPG [institut perguruan]
utk dapatkan kepastian pasal TESL overc yg i wat rayuan hari tu!
wakil tu nak tahu jawapan i samada i terima atau tidak kalau diberi peluang ni..
oleh kerana minat i dalam bahasa arab pun mula menebal dan offer TESL ni yang jugak minat i datang secara tiba2 & tanpa disangka2,
i bgtau wakil tu yg i nk bincang dulu ngn parents i...
lps tu i trus telefon mak n bgtau berita gembira ni..
lgpun,parents i yg bagi galakan msuk bidang perguruan..
mak i setuju dan sokong sangat2 kalau i terima tawaran ni..
lps bincang ngn mak,
i trus call balik wakil tu n sahkan yg i terima tawaran ni...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

1 more assgmn dah siap....

salam n hi3..
1 lg assgment bhs arab dah siap..
x sabar2 nk hntar esok..
ptg esk no classes..
ptg td lak ada perjumpaan ngn senior2 kitorg psl program hujung bulan nih..
nnt i citer psl perjumpaan tu k..

no classes!-again.,

salam n hai3!!
ikut jadual kitorg yg dah di modified2,
hari rabu ada satu kls je..
tupun pg je..
R E L A X !!huahuahua..
lewat malam semalam,
my classmate bg msj yg kls hari ni pun batal!!!
seronok mender???????
terlepas waktu utk msk tajuk baru tau..
tp x pelah,
mgkn ustazah ada hal pennting yang nak diselesaikan..
pg td,
i teman kawan i g breakfast kat cafe..
ada citer favourite i la plak [most amazing video]..
kawan i balik dulu,coz i nk tgk tv lg..
bila sampai 1 part,
baru i prasan yang episod tu i dah tgk dah..
pastu baru i tringat,
CSI kul 11 nnt,
tp kalau nak melengung sorg2 tgk tv sampai kul 12,
x order pa pe lak tuh..
leh bankrupsi cafe tuh..
demi bertimbangrasa[kononnya] kat customer lain ..
i pun blk lah dulu..
rindunya nak tgk CSI!!!
dah lama sgt x tgk sejak i msk sini..
huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =[

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

first time kat pasar malam trgnu..

salam n hi3..
lps jumpa my long time no see friend ptg td,
i ngn 2 kwn lain pakat nak p tgk pasar malam yg dekat ngn UDM ni..
kalau nak g leh naik van yg disediakan..[rm1 p-blk]
akak bilik i kata,
ada gak org yg g jln kaki..
but kitorg decided naik van..
x jauh sgt pun rupanya..
dapat lor jgk merasa pasar malam yang mak i sebut2 selama ni[coz parents i dah penah duk trgnu dlu]

no classes!

salam n hi..
hari ni i bgn awal utk hntar asgnment BA..
kls sbnrnya start kul 11..
n the next class kul 2 ptg [BA]..
tertiba kwn i kabo kls ptg BATHOL..
huuray mender?
nanti kena ganti balik,
tu la part plg x best kalau kls batal..
ustaz tinggalkan satu lg assgnment utk kitorg,due date khamis ni..
kena berdasarkan buku rujukan kat maktabah..
oleh kerana malas nak blk bilik..
i n kengkawan i pun decided p maktabah ..
lama gak kitorg melekat kat maktabah..
tp puas coz ALHAMDULILLAH,
bahan2 rujukan utk assgnment tu dah jumpa..
tgh khusyuk teliti buku2 tu..
'ra-i-satul faslu' bg msg kat kwn i yg kls kul 11 tu jgk batal!!
so secara x rasminya,
harini bebudak bahtera sem I cuutii..
memandai je wat pkeliling sendirik..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

my friend dftar UDM..

salam n hai3..
esok hari pendaftaran student baru kat UDM ni..
n guess what?
my long time no see friend pn salah sorg drpd yang mendaftar esk..
sape x happy jmpa kwn lama yang skarang ni akan jd faculty-mates[?]
tp yang i risau sgt ttg friend i ni..

+tiket bas
=mcm yg korg sendiri pn dah sedia maklum,
15-23 ogos ni UDM, university2 yang lain serta sekolah2 seluruh malaysia,bercuti..
tiket bas pun dah start habis tau..
yang i risau sangat ni,
tiket bas utk kawan i nnt..
i harap dia sempat beli tiket utk cuti nnt..
i pn dah pesan kat dia n hope dia x lupa..

Saturday, July 19, 2008

luasnya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!huwaaaa....nak jgk!!!nk jugak!

i wif my BI group members discuss pasal group assignment [speaking xtvt] utk presentation isnin ni,
kitorg discuss kat bilik [umah sebenarnya] one of my group members kat blok asrama baru..
nak tau?
umah tu punyalah besor..
klu mcm i n sahabat2 lain kat blok lama ni,
kitorg duduk dalam dorm asrama[1 bilik 2 org],
kat blok baru tu plak,
x main la dorm2..
rumah sebijik terus!
bangunan asrama baru ni layak panggil aparment dah..
bukan asrama..
1 umah,5 bilik,1 bilik 2 org,
siap ngan dapur,
ruang tamu,
multiple toilet!!!![3? toilet dalam 1!!!]
bilik dia plak?
besor yang amat!
dgn meja study yang luas siap ngn rak buku psg siap..
wardrobe dia plak?
terlalu besar utk guna sorg!!
umah tu..
jgn cakap 10 org 1 umah..
10 family[eh melampau sgt la plak]
bawak family skali pn leh muat tau..
hotel ngn umah ni..
umah ni lg luas n selesa tau..
can u imagine??????????????
sebelum ni,
i dgr cakap2 student2 lain je..
tp smlam..
bila i tgk sendirik..
x b'kelip mata i perhati setiap sudut umah tu tau..
daripada duk 1 bilik,2 org dalam bangunan dorm,
diorg berpindah ke sebuah umah 5 bilik]..
i dgr kata kitorg yang still duk kat bangunan lama ni pun akan pindah jgk satu hari nnt..
tp ada jgk i dgr kitorg x kan pindah..
ntah la mana 1 betul..
mmg i teringin merasa duduk kat 'apartment' 5 tingkat tuu..

hari yg SEDIKIT memenatkan..biasaler tuu..=]

salam n hai3..
my routines 4 today>>
-basuh baju
-kuar duit
bab basuh baju ngn p library tu no hal..
bab nk p kuar duit tu yang penat sket..
coz kitorg[dgn 2 lg kwn] terpaksa berjalan ber'km2 jauhnya sblm jumpa mesin ATM yg terletak kat ''''putrajaya''' UDM..
jgn x tau
kat UDM ni pn ada putrajaya sendiri tau..
mmg letih tul berjalan..
tp,berbaloi la jgk daripada p amik duit kat pekan kuala terengganu
yg tambang pergi balik rm4 sorg..
drpd kuar duit
baik aktifkan diri yang sejak hari orientasi hari tu x penah lg beriadhah..haha=]
on the way balik blok,
kitorg yang kelaparan n kehausan ni
trus menuju ke cafe pok din..
leganya bila dapat minum teh ais lps jalan jauh..

Thursday, July 17, 2008

mula sibuk..

salam n hi..
hari ni,
kitorg dah mula dapat assignment2 yang mesti diselesaikan secepat mgkin..
hari ahad ni,
terengganu cuti sempena hari keputeraan sultan terengganu,
cuti 3 hari,
cuti,cuti jgk..
tp sebenarnya,
byk menda yang kena siapkan dalam tempoh cuti tu..
-hafalan 3 surah
-kertas kerja
-group assignment BI
-assignment BA
banyak kerja..
tu lah suara2 yang i dgr dr kwn2 junior yg lain termasuklah dari i sendiri..
pa pe pun,
i percaya,
mgu2 akan datang,
kitorg akan lebih sibuk dgn lebih byk keje menanti kitorg..
tu la CAMPUS LIFE kan??

jumpa senior2 BAHTERA

salam n hi..
kelmarin kitorg,junior BAHTERA
b'kesempatan jumpa abg2 n akak2 sem 3&5,
ramai btul jumlah diorg berbanding kitorg,
dapat la kenal2 ngn senior2
yang selama ni, kitorg x tau nak cari kat mana..
lps ni,
dgn yg diorg bg,
leh lah kitorg sling contact kalau ada pa pe masalah
utk memahami madah2 yang kitorg blaja skang ni..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ada feel..=]

salam n hi..
hari ni..
kitorg dapat banyak assignment yg nk kena siapkan n hantar mgu depan..
feel jd siswi pun baru je nak meresap dalam jiwa i ni..=D
i pun x nak tangguh2 keje dah macam masa kat sek dulu..
kemudahan internet pn,ALHAMDULILLAH,
dah ada depan mata i je..
tinggal nak manfaatkan je lg..
keje i pn leh siap lebih awal sbb x yah susah2 g pc lab..

Monday, July 14, 2008

semangat blaja!!

salam n hi..
lps suma urusan tiket dah selesai..
i rasa fresh n b'semangat nak blaja sungguh2..
lecturer bagi kerja pn dah x da tangguh2 dah..=]
lps ni,
nak siapkan kerja kursus subj. kenegaraan n kemasyarakatan plak..
tajuk yg diberi pn,INSYA ALLAH,agak senang nak cari infonya..
i pn dah bg beberapa cadangan kat group members i..
8. ?
9. ?
10. ?
any suggestion???????????????????????????????

dah ready nak balik!!=]

salam n hi!!
hari ni i happy sesangat..
sebab ALLAH mudahkan urusan tiket i untuk pergi n balik untuk cuti bulan 8 ni..
tiket untuk balik kedah..
dah ada dalam tgn i..
ada kawan tolong belikan semalam..
hah, u all jgn terkezut..
sbb tiket ni kitorg mmg kena beli seawal skarang..
sbb kitorg cuti serentak dgn UITM n UMT..
kalau lambat...hah,u all bayang sendirik la..
tiket untuk balik ke terengganu pun,
parents i dah belikan td..

Saturday, July 12, 2008

nothing special

salam n hi..
hari ni..
nothing special..
bgn pun lwat sket..
lewat sket je laa..
lps kemas2,nk smbg tido balik,
kawan ajak p library plak,...
p lah library..
baca suratkhabar
cari buku rujukan[xjmpa pun]..
hari ni x ramai org kat situ,
sbb cuti kot..
kwn2 i p pc lab,nak selesaikan PTPTN diorg[tp x selesai jgk,line bz]
kitorg ronda2 satu library..
bila nak balik..
baru jumpa ruangan majalah..
baca majalah plak..
kul 12++ camtu,
kitog kuar library..
bila nak pinjam buku,i ngn member pun tunjuk la kad matrik kitorg yg tgh fresh lg tuh..
kena daftar dulu sblm nk pinjam buku..[freshie ler katakan,jahil lg..hihi]
lps dftar,dpt gak ler pinjam buku[photoshop cs]
bila tgk harga buku tu..

Friday, July 11, 2008

nak balik..

15 ogos ni,
cuti semgggu sampai 23 ogos...
skg,i dah sibuk2 pikir psl tiket bas..
takut x smpat beli plak..
mak i pun pesan bli tiket hujung mggu ni..
tp,kwn i kata..
depa dah p tanya kaunter tiket..
tiket utk 14 ogos,x kuar lg..
so, i agak2,
hujung mgu dpn dah bleh beli kot..
so, i igt,nak ajak kengkawan p beli mgu depan..
diorg kata,tiket bas ke alor setar,
kopak poket i..
ni mesti due to the increasing of fuel price..
x syak lagi..


salam n hai3..
hari ni..cutii..
bukan cuti pe pun..
cuti hujung minggu arr..
cam besa..
bgn awal sbb malas nk berebut bilik air ngn org..
pastu b/fast,
dan biskut...
cuti2 ni,x tau nak wat pa..
nk p pekan..
buang duit ja..
ulang alik dah rm4..
kalau ada benda pntg sgt,baru kuar..
kul 11 lbh cenggitu..
ada pok cik mai dorm kitorg nak ganti papan alas tilam roomate i..
terkezut tol..
dgn m'gelabahnya...
i pn p la cari tmpat p'sembunyian...haha..
adik i ada gempur PMR kat sek..
ye la..msti la kat sek kan,x kan kat kampus i plak..=D
wish her all the best..

Thursday, July 10, 2008


sesetgh lecturer kat sini bahasakan students FKI sbg ustaz n ustazah..
mula2 tu,
i x rasa pe sgt..
tp bila i pikir2 balik..
gelaran tu mmg akan lekat kat diri kitorg,students FKI ni satu hari nnt[INSYA ALLAH]..
kalau dulu,
i x penah terpikir yang i akan jadi ustazah[sbb i slalu berangan jd TEACHER =D]
i kena biasakan diri dgn gelaran tu lps nih..=D

i'm sorry my friend!

salam n hi..
dalam posting ni,
i nak mintak maaf kat kawan i yg i dah lama x contact[even u dh try contact i]..
bila i jejak kat universiti ni,
lps dgr penerangan pensyarah,
baru i tau susah payah nak tingkatkan n kekalkan prestasi n cgpa yg tinggi dalam setiap subjek..
utk kwn i tu yg mgkin tgh baca blog ni,
bila u bgtau kat i ur cgpa,
i x brapa faham lg,mendenya cgpa ni..
tp lps pensyarah trgkan,
baru i perasan yg kalau prestasi kwn i buruk,
mgkin sbb salah i jgk yg mayb slalu sgt ganggu tumpuan u..
senang cakap;kalau u down,i mcm salahkan diri i blk..
i x mau kalau our friendship ni jejaskan our prestasi dlm kls..
in that case,
focus on our study first..
p/s: sorry sbb x bgtau semua ni through sms,ym or any easier way,i hav my own reason..

samb. hari ke 12

kls bi abis kul 10++..
i ngn rakan sekuliah i pun dah tergesa2 takut lewat msk the next kls..
ye la..
kbykan lecturer[even cikgu2] susah nk terima klu ada student lewat msk kls..
dlm rush tu,
duit i utk bayar buku latihan muet trcicir la plak..
dekat blakang,
i dah dgr ada org panggil2,
tp i wat x heran je sbb i igtkan diorg panggil org lain,
i pun bukannya perasan duit tu tercicir..
last2,i berenti jgk..
baru tau,
duit i dah tercicir..
diorg ni,jujur..
kalau x,ntah mana i nak cari duit utk bayar buku tu..
well,skg kan i dah jadi perantau,
duit seposen pun berharga tau..
dah sampai kls,
i tgk ramai lagi yang x msk kls..
bila selidik2,
rupa2nya kls i start kul 11..
penat rushing td..
gelak je la bila terkenangkan peristiwa td..
dlm kls tu,
i ngn kengkawan dapat kad matrik yang kitorg tggu2 slama ni..=D
walaupun gambar kat kad matrik tu x seelok gambar yg tgkap kat kedai,
kira oklah,bleh ingat balik saat2 hari registration day haritu[muka budak baik je..huahua=D]

hari ke 12

salam n hi..
hari ni kls start kul 8 am,
sblm kul 7,i dah siap,
tinggal nak kuar bilik je lg..
sampai roomate i terkejut i siap awal sgt..
ye la,freshie le katakan..
semangat tgh berkobar2 nak msk kuliah..=D
kul 8-10,kelas bi..
mcm biasa,
mgu pertama ni,
kitorg still dlm proses ice breaking..
masing2 kena kenalkan partner masing2 yang madam dah tentukan dlm kls sblmnya..
partner i,
anak jati terengganu..
dlm sesi ice-breaking ni,
baru i tau,
ada sorg budak lelaki yang i nmpk mcm familiar sgt,
rupa2nya my schoolmates,
tp kitorg mmg saling x mngenali pun[bangunan putra&putri berasingan kat sek]...
lgpun kalau ada putra yang kenal putri or vice versa,
mesti sbb putra or putri tu student yang mmg famous kat sek..
setakat ni,
baru sorg boy sek. i yg i tau turut sama menuntut ilmu kat bumi UDM ni..

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

hari ke 11

salam n hi..
hari ni i abis kelas awal..
lebih kurang kul 12.30,sbb lecturers ada meeting hari ni...
pastu, i ngn kengkawan i cadang nak kuar selesaikan beberapa urusan;bank,beli buku,etc..
nmpak bus station mcm nak beli je tiket balik kedah siap2..
tp bila terkenangkan yg akak roomate i ni yg jgk org kedah,kata dia akan habaq kat i kalau dia nak beli tiket,
i x jadi beli..
tp, mak i kata,
hujung minggu ni mesti beli jgk tiket..
takut abis la katakan..
ye la,
bukan budak udm saja yang cuti..
kat kawasan kuala trganu ni,
byk ipt kat sekeliling ni..
silap2 aribulan,
tak sempat beli tiket plak[NA'UZUBILLAH]..

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

x dapat apa yang dihajati

salam n hi,
sblm ni,
i keliru nk pilih antara KUIS n UDM yg tawarkan kursus yang berbeza to me,
tp,akhirnya,i pilih udm atas nasihat mak n ayah i..
my parents yakinkan i supaya pilih udm..
lps difikir2kan balik,
walaupun my passion towards TESL so deep,
n i got bahasa arab course instead,
mesti ada something yg ALLAH dah aturkan utk kebaikan i..
''apabila kita tidak memperoleh apa yang kita inginkan, sebenarnya ALLAH telah merancang sesuatu yang lebih baik bagi kita tanpa kita ketahui''
kalau sblm ni,
i beriya2 nk tukar course,
dgn b'pegang kpd kata2 ni,
i tetap dgn course BAHTERA [bhs & kesusasteraan arab] ni,
semoga apa yg mak abah i impikan yg terbaik utk diri i,
i dapat capai demi kebahagiaan mak abah n also family i..
INSYA ALLAH, semua ni dgn niat kerana ALLAH..

menempuh dunia baru

salam n hi..
lama benar i x update ye..
last post,
20 days b4 i step my foot at udm,
msk hari ni dah 10 hari i bernafas kat bumi berkat[INSYA ALLAH] ni..
i x menulis lama pun sbb i mmg x de mood nk blogging..
ye la..
baru sgt kat sini,
sedih2 lg mengenangkan family tercinta yg jauh dimata..chewah!
mggu2 pertama ni,
hari2 bertemankan air mata,
bila dgr suara mak n abah i,
sebak je hati ni..
mgu ni,kitorg ta'aruf je kat dlm kelas..
masa kelas bahasa arab td,
cara ustaz tu minta student taaruf lain sket,ekspres diri melalui lukisan..
i pun lukis gambar i ngn parents tersayang i..
bila nak trgkan gambar tu,
mata i dah mula berair..
tp, i bleh cover lg..
mmg sedih bila t'kenangkan diri kita JAUH benar ngn mak abah n adik bradik,
mcm ni lah agaknya perasaan abg i masa dia mula2 jejak kaki kat syria thn lps,
cuma mgkin hati dia lbh kuat drpd i prmpuan ni..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

broadband !!!!!!!!!!!!!

salam n hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so happy today!
i got my broadband juz now,ALHAMDULILLAH
thanks to mak n abah
who never hesitate to do anything to upgrade our study facility........
how lucky we are,being born in this family!
mmuah! to mak n abah

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

prep msk uni

salam n hi,
malam ni,
i ngn mak i ingat nk g beli broadband utk laptop i ni..
sesambil tu leh tgk2 brg2 pe yg nk kena beli..
i pn dh wat list panjang...
x nak la nnt jd kelam kabut plak kan...
sabtu depan i'll jejak kaki kat udm..
wait 4 me,
i'm coming TERENGGANU!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008


salam n hi..
oleh krn blog i x dpt smbutan..
x de spe nk bg ide apsl laptop tu kan..hurm...
i dh beli dh beli..
dapt gak merasa ada laptop sndirik..
acer aspire 4920..
a gud start 4 me n my sis..
since my sis msk kolej dulu..
dia siap dftar broadband dulu lg..
sakan adk aku tu..
i pn x lama lg kot..

my sis dah lps..i bila lg..

salam n hi..
i n my family hntar adik i ke iic ..
ok la tmpt tu..
asrama pn blh la jgk..
i really hope dia dpt cari kwn elok2..
ye la,
ni the very first time dia jauh ngn family n kena berdikari own her own foot bcoz sjk kecik i ngn dia slalu b'kepit je dari sek rend smpai sek men....
hope dia pandai bawak diri..
tp,yg bestnya,
kolej dia tu dekat gak la ngn mak sedara i kat sana..
pa pe hal,
dia leh call mk ngah i tu..
nak pa pe,
mintak je..
camne ngn i nnt????????????
merantau sorg diri kat tmpt org...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

how's the result of my tesl interview

salam n hi,
i x dapat,
x de rezeki,
mayb tis is a sign tat i should terima tawaran diploma bahasa &kesusasteraan arab[udm],
i mmg minat sgt tesl,
n i push myself ke arah tu,
mayb,it's not enough..
life must go on..
i think it's time for me to solat istikharah to know whether KUIS or UDM the best for me to further my study..
hurm[ S A D.... ]

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

buying laptop..any idea?

salam n hi..

i n my sis r about to buy our laptop,
at first,
kitorg ingat nk beli vaio,
bila pk balik,
beli 1 pn mahal,
ni skali 2 bijik,
mahal sgt,
nnt jd pa pe nnt,
cam kena curik ke,
rugi besar ooo..
so kitorg igt nk beli yg affordable sket..
what do u guys think?

how's my QTi??????

salam n hi..
masa nk g tmpt test td mmg i xcited bebenor..
confident la kononnya ni..
tp,dr mula i start enjin smpai la ke jalan raya,bukit,n parking,
x tentu arah i dibuatnya..
gelabah semacam,
suma benda wat x jadi,
rasa cam nk explode je jantung i ni..
ye la,
juz imagine,
masa latihan 8 jam,
i ok tau,
x de smpai enjin mati tgh jalan,
bukit dah boleh,
tp,smpai hari QTi jd cam ni plak..
dlm hati i pn dah kira2 nk kena tambah duit utk wat ujian blk,
R U P A 2 N Y A,,,,,
mula2 tu cikgu tu nk test2 ja,
bukan betul2 lg,
masa cikgu yg betul dtg,
i dah tenang sket,
cikgu memula td byk tegur i [dalam hati masa itu, ALLAH je yg tau],
bleh i tau mana i silap,
at the end,
i lulus ujian QTi ni..
skg tinggal nk tetap tarikh utk test jpj je..

Sunday, June 8, 2008

tambah widgets

salam n hi!!

hari ni i try meriahkan lg blog i yg x bpe meriah ni ngn tmbah widgets yg best2..
bknnya apa,
x lama lg,
i pn akn duk jauh ngn family,
blog ni will be 1 way yg blh buat family i tau p'kembgn t'baru i bila i dh x de nnt..
Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification

Saturday, June 7, 2008

lagi2 PLKN~ x boring ke??

salam n hi!!

x,i x boring pun borak pasal PLKN ni..~hihihihi
satu lg iklan yg i tgk,
[iklan yang diorg kawat2 smbil menari tuh~]
sbhgn besar iklan ni mmg the reality of what will happen once u being a plkn trainee..
except bahagian kawat smbil menari2 tu la...=D
kat mana yg reality nya???????????
cuba korg tgk iklan tu masa mula2,
pakai bearing kwn tolong,pakai tali pinggang kwn tolong,even pakai kasut pn kwn tolong..
bukan sng tau nk pakai celoreng lengkap tu esp. 4 the 1st time,
korg jgn t'kejut,
mmg camtu la keadaan yg sebenar,
4 me,tu la antara benda paling S W E E T skali..
smgt setiakwn yg T I N G G I tul...
once again,i really miz tat moment..=]

Friday, June 6, 2008

PLKN lg..

salam n hi..

baru2 kuar iklan baru psl plkn on tv..
bes sgt bila tgk iklan tuh..
tingat masa i ngn my trainee friends wat wirajaya...
really miz that moment..
baru2 ni plak some of my trainee friends contact me on phone n friendster..
terharu pn ada..huhuhu~~~
i pn amat galakkan sesapa yg dapat plkn supaya p..
well,different camp,different invironment,different people..
cam kem i,
environment bes,cikgu2 bes,staf2 pn ok la..
ramai gak org[plkn trainee sndri],
yg anggap PLKN ni,
a burden,CURIK masa rehat 3 bln diorg,m'dera n bla bla bla..
cam i gak,tp sumer tu rasa masa mula2 je..
bila dah lama sket baru kita nmpak benda yg bes tuh..
well,giv a new invironment a chance k..
lama2,korang akan rasa betapa b'tuahnya korang..
ada yg kem tepi pantai,
kem dalam hutan,
kem tgh2 hutan rekreasi[hutan la tu kan~huhu]..
cam kem i sndirik,
kitorg dalam kawasan ladang getah tau..
or i pggil kem dalam estet..huhuhhihihi..
tu la istimewanya kem kitorg..
ALHAMDULILLAH,ALLAH bg i peluang gain experience in PLKN..

the last few bz weeks........~

salam n hi again n again..

i kurang leh on [bhs pe nih~hihi]..
coz my lil sis bz wif her PMR projects using laptop..
n made me hav few time to be on9[although there is another pc in my house~hihi]
lgpun hari2 i yg sibuk ngn driving school n computer class menyempitkan lg ruang masa i utk on..
bila dah bleh on ni,
i jumpa plak web yang serve blog template 4 blogger..
i never think that there is a place where u can get lots of blogger template..
bila i dah tuka template..
my imeem box,visitor counter,chat box,n all the cute graphic image was gone..
n now i need to track them back n spend some time to customize my blog again..
well..utk sape jgk..
utk menyedapkan mata i n mata korang gak kan..
k la..
keep reading yeah..
chow chin chow...

salam n bye2!!!!!!


salam n hi...

lama gak i x posting ek..
ala..klu lama pn bkn ada org perasan kan..kan..kan..
well,actually i'm busy wif lots of thing..
tgk~my last pos pun lps i amik ujian komputer..
skg i dah nk wat QTi dah..
lps tu jpj..
n then INSYA ALLAH,yeay!i'll get my D licence..
tp dah kurang sronok sket smnjak petrol naik 2 3 hari lps..
t'bantut plan nk beli keta..hihihi..
x pe2..
keta2,lain kira..lesen yang penting..
kelas komputer i pn dah abis..
baru lps ujian..
tggu sijil je kuar..
lps 12 jun ni,
i n my my sister sibukla ngan p'siapan kitorg msk KOLEJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kalau i x dpt mktb la...huhu
my sister insist to go to IIC instead of kuis..
my mom said,
kalau dia masuk kuis n i msk kuis,
x la banyak kerenah sgt..
balik KL,head to 1 college only..
no need to susah payah,ulang alik ke IIC then KUIS..
tp, xbleh nk kata pa jgk,
sbb it's her choice..her dreams..her future...
let giv her a chance to make decision on her OWN future..

Monday, May 12, 2008

smbgn plan B

salam n hi..

hari ni i call kuis tny pasal registration,p'tukaran course n yuran..
i heran coz dlm my offer letter x tulis tarikh registration,
x ke pelik gitu..
bila i tny,
encik tu kata i leh daftar 25 mei ni,hari ni pn blh,katanya..
then i tny bila tarikh akhir registration,
he said 16 jun tp utk bebudak plkn la..
tp i ckp i tgh ada kursus so x leh p 25 mei tu...
dia stuju kasi i dftr 16 jun tu tp kena bwk surat kursus..
ble tny psl p'tukaran kursus,
dia kata no hal (but i think depends on vacancy la kan)
lega sket hati i..
skg ni i tinggal tggu result mktb n discuss dgn my dad je...

my plan B

salam n hi..

semalam i t'gerak hati nk try check status of my application kat kolej lain yg i apply..

sblm ni i ingat maktab ngn upu je..

bila i check kuis,rupa2nya i dapat!


i dpt course Islamic financial planning..


my mum pn dh bg greenlight,my dad x discucc lg coz my dad outstation skg..

tis is my plan B kalau i x dpt mktb..

well,course yg i dapat kat udm tu,

i x bpe sure i leh bawak..

n bile pk i xde sedara mara kat trganu tu,

susah i nk pilih udm as tmpt i smbg stdy..


i nk try call kuis nk tanya pasal p'mohonan nk tukar course..

klu bleh,

i nk tuka course diploma in english language studies..

hopefully ada tmpt kosong la..

pa pe pun,

ni plan B i klu x dpt mktb,

klu dpt mktb,

i t'pksa lupakan hsrat nk msk kuis..

Friday, May 9, 2008

lesen keta + interview tesl

salam n hi!!

kelmarin i amik test undang2 b'komputer utk lesen keta,
ALHAMDULILLAH, i passed n x sabar2 nk wat practical plak,
bknnya pe,
i nk cepat2 selesaikan sume benda2 ni...
hari sblmnya plak,
i selamat selesaikan interview tesl i kat ipda..
my prestasi?? 4 me, can do la..
tp i rasa cam tipis je nak dapat,
coz i tgk lain2 bagus2..
tp,kena positive thinking la ka..
i really hope i dapat coz ni adalah impian i sejak dulu lg...
my family pun support i..
camna pun,
i dah ada plan B kalau i x passed..

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

lesen keta

salam n hi,
esok, 30 apr,i ada kelas teori memandu kat ilmu baru,
i dah kena ada kat sana sblm kul 8,
sbb kelas tu wat kat tempat lain,
i ni bkn biasa sgt p tmpt2 lain without teman or kawan,
ketaq semacam ja,
harap2 esk ada la sesapa yg i leh wat kawan supaya x la i sesorg je ms kls tu nnt..

temuduga maktab

salam n hi..
hari ni,29 apr,is hari check temuduga utk maktab,
i dah check,n ALHAMDULILLAH,i dapat,
i dapat utk g temuduga TESL,
sebelum ni, mmg i beriya2 nk amik course tesl ni,
tmbah2,course yg i mintak ni tesl uni oversea,
mmg impian i nk smbg pelajaran kat negara org,
tp i gak harap sgt nk dpt course asasi b.i yg i mintak through upu..
ntah la,tp i x yakin i leh jd cikgu yg baik[chewah!huhu],
at least klu dpt asasi bi tu,
leh i smbg kursus lain plak..
tp pa pe pun,
i mmg kena g jugak temuduga 7 mei ni kat IPDA..
walau cmne pun,
i harap i berjaya dlm interview tu nnt..INSYA ALLAH..

reunion spm 07

salam n hi..
sabtu lepas dak2 spm batch 07 wat reunion kat sek..
i memula tu berat sgt nk p..
last2 p gak,tu pun siap last minute..huhu
seronok dpt jumpa classmates blk,diorg pn x smbong,
ingat lg diorg kat i walaupun i x continue form 6..
tambah best ble i leh jumpa blk class monitor i dulu,
mmg i x kenal rapat ngn dia,
tp dia ok ngn suma org,
cpat mesra..
bila tgk muka dia je dah bleh wat org happy,
kelas kitorg yg all girls tu leh sunyi kalau dia x dtg sek..
dia still mesra n happy go lucky cam dulu,
tp yg sedihnya,
ada la sorg girl ni yg i kenal agak rapat ms plkn[maklumla,sekolah i besar sgt,sampai x smpat kenal kat sek,huhu]..
i tegur la dia,tp dia blh selamba buat x kenal i,
depan kawan2 dia yg mmg x kenal i plak tuh..
sedih tul..
pastu leh diorg tny,''ni sapa ni???????''
bukannya nk kenalkan i,dia wat malu i lg ada la..
ok fine,mayb niat dia nk gurau2 jek..
tp,gurau biar b'tempat la,
jgn smpi aibkan or buat org sakit hati..
sedih tul i hari tu ngn dia..

Sunday, April 27, 2008


salam n hi..

nk tau,hari ni i try buat mashed potato[kentang putar],

i wat sesorg plak tuh..


tp,masin sket la..hehehe=]

lps ni x payah la i susah2 g kfc,wat sendiri pun boleh,

OK LA tuh..hehe=]
kalau korang nak try ni n mcm2 resepi yg best2,
rajin2la masuk

antara benda2 menarik[for me] dlm plkn

salam n hi..
kali ni i nk cite benda2 yg i dpt sejak jd pelatih plkn..
walaupun tempoh latihan agak singkat,
banyak faedah yg i n friends dapat..

-lebih menghormati bendera malaysia n lagu negaraku
[ketegasan cikgu2 dlm mendidik kami,generasi muda
m'hormati bendera n lagu negaraku amat b'kesan]

-kawan dr pelbagai bangsa n agama
[sebelum ni i x penah buat]

-ilmu2 berguna dr kelas character building,
kenegaraan,kebudayaan,penghayatan sastera,etc.
[sillibus2 yg menarik sgt t'utama dlm kls c.b so special]

-first time i libatkan diri dlm p'sembahan p'hayatan puisi
n ALHAMDULILLAH,group i menang malam tu!!!

-belajar kayak
[sblm ni tengok je..n rupanya it's very xciting]

-kerjasama yg KUAT dlm kumpulan utk jayakan
sesuatu tugasan

-hubungan yg ERAT antara 1 sama lain
[walaupun dlm tempoh p'kenalan yg amat singkat]

sebenarnya byk lg benda2 menarik n b'faedah yg i blaja kat sana..
p'kara2 yg disebutkan kat atas ni juz sebhgn dr pndgn i je..
setiap org ada pandangan masing2 kan..

Saturday, April 26, 2008

lagi gambar2 kem

^padang tempat riadhah n lepak n relax n tenangkan fikiran kitorg tiap2 petang...

^kawan2 i tgh sibuk siapkan diri sblm p'barisan..

^letih tp still ceria lps latihan p'barisan..

Friday, April 25, 2008

gambar kem

ni padang kawat..
bangunan kat depan tu,kelas kitorg ms pembinaan karakter,kenegaraan,kebudayaan n etc..

my spm 2007 result

salam n hi...
ni i nk ckp psl my spm result..
bagus bangat...
thanks 4 those supporting me n pray 4 my success esp.
my dearest family,teachers and friends...
i got 9As 2Bs,
walaupun bukan straight As,
dah cukup buatkan i happy sgt2 n
i dah buktikan kat parents i yg
i x sia2kan segala kemudahan yg mak n abah i bg
dgn made them proud...

gambar2 kat kem

salam n hi.........

ALHAMDULILLAH, i dah tamat latihan 11 mac 2008 yg

lepas,dah lebih sebulan dah..

all the experinces i got there i will keep it in my mind forever,INSYA 4WI...

sampai sekarang i rindu semua rutin2 harian kat kem dulu..kawan2 i pn ckp

members masa kat sana susah dicari ganti...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

p'kmbgn t'baru kat kem

salam n hai3..
lamanye i tinggalkan blog ni..
actually i p b'perang!!
x la,
i dah start msuk kem PLKN..
meh i nk cite pengalaman i kat sana..
first day i smpai,
mmg blur gler...
x tau pa..
lps register,
i dpt kunci loker n benda2 mcm,tray,cawan,cadar n so on..i pn geraklah ke cottage..
msuk2 je bilik,
baru i dpt tahu i b'kongsi bilik ngn other races,
this is my very first experienced to be in the same room with non-malay..
i happy sgt..
it's a challenge 4 me sbb i never mingle with non-malay..
ok ok..
i pon startla kuarkan brg2 n pasang cadar..
hari tu n the next day kitorg still x wat pe xtvt lg coz ada pelatih2 dr negeri2 lain yg blum smpai..
malam hari p'bahagian kompeni,
i ditmptkan dlm kompeni BRAVO!
kitorg di beritahu kem kitorg ni,KEM DUSUN MINDA RESORT is a 5 star kem kat malaysia ni selain some other camp kat negeri lain..masa tu i felt so lucky..ALHAMDULILLAH..
that's y bilik kitorg 6 org je 1 bilik,compare to other camp,but tu bkn masalah bsr pn kan..
dr hari ke hari,minggu ke minggu,sorg demi sorg roomates i kuar ats sbb smbg study n sakit..
skg dr 6 org,biik i tggal 3 org je,n i rasa antara semua bilik,
bilik kitorglah plg sket org..