Wednesday, July 21, 2010

after a long hiatus!

many things have been going on since my last entry.

live moves on


has been rotating since.


i also joined tumblr recently,

for those of you who have one,

please follow mine>

thank you.=)

thats all for this short comeback.

gotta go diving myself into the deep sea of homework,assignments,and presentations.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

ad lesen.tapi...

last nite
"listen to my heart beat..beat..beat..",ringtone ak b'bunyi daaa...hoho..

auni: kita kuar mggu dpn au
njwa: ok, cantek!
auni: ngn keta jom
njwa: wow!wooohoooo..bes2!!!
auni: tp ang drive k?
njwa: erkkkkk~ak? cannot! kt kedah pon ku x bwk keta,ang nk suh ku bwk keta kt KL??huhu..(plus, the last time i drove was wen i got my license!)huwaaaa=,(
(mse ni ku rasa sgt loser!! x_X)