Tuesday, May 19, 2009

teacher's day celebration

salam n hye..
i'm back to normal(hope so)..
2moro my college will hold a teacher's day celebration to celebrate us as teacher trainee n the lecturers as our teacher..
the actual teacher's day which was actually fell on last Saturday has been celebrated by the penghuni2 kolej kediaman,n the celebration was not bad since there were variety of performances from the students of different courses..
wlupun i've wished my mak n abah slamat hari guru on last May 16th,i wanna wish again,
HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY to my mak n abah,my teachers,lecturers and all my teacher trainee frens!
"KAMI BANGGA MENJADI GURU"(moto kitorg tu,jgn men2)

p/s:thnks 4 those yg wish slamat hari guru to me..thnks so much..=]

thank you

after 24 hours menunggu ngn penuh sabar,
u finally contacted me..
thnk you so much..

mencari yg ilang..

dun want to lose u at this moment
somehow i feel i need u bside me
so tat i could run away from this hectic life even juz for a second
but now
where hv u been
how r u doing?
r u ok?
even if u dun wanna contact me anymore
please tell me that u r doing fine

where r u?

where r u my dear fren
i never thought my life would be this bored without ur msg in my inbox
i understand the fact that u juz lose somebody u love so much
n the fact that u have to move on ur life n getting bz wif ur xm around
but i beg u,pls dun leave me without a word
juz a word to affirm me that u need some time
or a word that u dun want me to bug around ur life anymore
i know i've not treated u as gud as u treated me
but blieve me my dear fren
i've never intended to do so
its juz that i want to give u ur own time
so that u will concentrate more on things u should concentrate to
tell me
where r u?
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