Thursday, April 30, 2009

when a fren is not a fren..

salam n hye..
when a fren is not a fren?
we've quarrel yet try to fix things up everytime it's happen..
when it happens again n again,n we try to fix things up again n again..
seems like thing goes not like the plan..
what should i do now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me in a week time..briefly..ngeee

salam n hye..
it's almost a week since i was updating ma blog..
sory, bz maaaaaaaa....hehe
let's me recall what i've been doing this week..
saturday: nothing to do-a friend asked my roomate n i to lepak in her room coz she's alone since her roomate is away-we were watching movies in her room-chit chatting-sleep
sunday:got thing to do-yet,i was keep delaying it till night-da mlm btul2,br start wat-browsing the net 4 next day classes-sleep late-pdn muka,hahaha
monday: got classes till 6.30-got team handball competition started at 4.30-i was in white team-guess who won??-it's my team!!!-weeeeeeeeeeehooooooooooo..-9.30 till 10.30 got choral speaking practise 4 language camp next week..
got classes till 3.30-had social studies presentation,but my group x smpat present,hehe-9.30 till 10.30,choral speaking practise(agaaaainn)..-got back from choral speaking,had to burn midnight oil with one of my group member to prepare 4 SS presentation..
classes till 3,get sleepy in class due to tido lewat,haha-had SS presentation-had NL presentation-choral speaking practise had started at 8.30 till 10.30
that's all 4 my report at this moment,tq..
see ya!=]

Monday, April 27, 2009


i cant help it to use more than one words...sorrrrrrrrryy ..huhu

1. Where is your cell phone?
beside me

2. Your significant other?

3. Your hair?
shhh....cannot tell maa

4. Your favourite thing?

5. Your dream last night?
choral speaking..haha,slalu sgt praktis,smpi t'bwk2 dlm mimpi..huhu

6. Your favourite drink?
limau ais

7. Your dream/goal?

8. What room you are in?
my room

9. Your hobby
window shopping..bgus per,,,ley exercise kaki..haha

10. geli?
katak,,,stelah pengalamanku pakai kasut berisi katak...ewwwwwwwwwwww

11. Where do you want to be in 6 years?

12. Where were you last night?
bilik jer..

13. Muffins?

14. Wish list item?
new hp!

15. Where you grew up?

16. Last thing you did?
group discussion


18. Your TV?

19. Your pets?
my laptop..huhu

20. Friends?
biar byk..

21. Your life?

22. Your mood?

23. Missing thing?
my lost hp,w200i....di mana kau???sentimental value tuu...huwaa,pulanglah...

24. car?
toyota wish..

25. Something you not wear?

26. Your favourite store?
ne2 kedai yg de bju..hehe....window shoping je k..huhu

27. Your favourite color?

28. When is the last time you laughed?
juz now,nani's room,psl pe ntah..da lupa...haha

29. Last time you cried?
i'm hardly cry

30. Who will resend this?
i hope it's u

31. One place that I go to over and over?

32. One person who emails me regularly?
friendster-notifications jer..haha

33. Favourite place to eat?
home sweet home

34. Why you participated in this survey?
x ngntuk lg..bowing..

35. What are you doing tonight?
group discussion perhaps..

i will tag:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

got a condo!

salam n hye..
Alhamdulillah, finally we've got a unit of condo to rent..
the house is not bad and it's caught my friends n my eyes once we step our feet in the house(although thinking tat it is at 17th floor,enough to make me nervous.)
the total of the payment is RM2852 included maintenance fee,deposit for 2 month and ntah pe ntah lg n yes, the RM2852 have to be divided among 4 of us! yes,4!! cost us almost 2 month of allowances 4 each person!
choosing tis condo is not bcoz we want to pursue a luxury life despite the fact tat we're juz foundation year student with RM450 monthly allowances only,
it's actually bcoz, the cheaper and affordable house is so far from our inst. and even if it's juz nearby, it's already taken..(T.T)
tomorrow got an appointment with the agent together with the landlord once again to sign the agreement and pay RM750 for booking price,yet we'll never get to hold the house key unless we settle down the total payment..

finding a house+depression due to busy daysssssssssssssssssssssss

salam n hye..
last sunday,
my roomate and i managed to see an apartment nearby(not really actually,haha)..
b4 seeing the apartment,we'd actually put the apartment on the first list of potential house tat we're going to rent,
but unfortunately,
after looked around the neighborhood of this particular apartment,
it seemed not too secure for female students like us..
so, the apartment is a big NO 4 us..
at the same time,my roommate tried to call another agent about one particular condominium nearby our institute and we manage to make an appointment with the agent together with the landlord today at 5.30pm..
the house will be rented for RM750,with 3 bedrooms,2 bathrooms and guess what?at floor 17th!!!!!
floor 17th?!!that too high 4 me as i'd tried to climb up(wif lift of coz) the 17th floor of the same condo the other day and u know what? it makes me so kecut perut and hardly to breath(seriously!)..
yet, it's the nearest condo with our institute(juz behind the inst.) and if we get to rent it, it would be much more convenient 4 us since we did'nt have to worry about transportation..
but, our one major problem now is that we are shorten of housemate-to-be(it's juz 3 of us) and to afford a condo with RM750 per month will cost us almost half of our RM450 monthly allowwances!!(imagine;there will be very tiny miny money left for us to spend on other expenses!)
u know, thinking of finding an affordable house with only 3 memberS (and not to forget we're juz foundation students) would be quiet difficult in KL..
and it makes my friends and i frustrated enough in addition when we've to think about it at the same time we've got a load of assignmentsssssssssss to think of..
(feel like wanna cry right now,huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..(T_T)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

gara2 drama..

salam n hye..
know what?
tis morning, in class,
some of my classmates turned to me and gave their response for my role in the drama yesterday..
they said i was so flirty in the drama(my role needed me to be so..anyway,my partner in the drama was my roomate herself la,not a boy ok..)..
bcoz of the drama, my roomate n i got such response which i considered positive,since it shows that we've played our role successfully..=)
today i've got a replacement classes as we'll get xtra cuti raya(i've heard so)
after class, i've thought to see a house for my member and i was about to rent it,
but, it was too late since once i called the landlady,
she said that the house has been taken by somebody else..
can u imagine how break our heart were when we heard abt this..
we've actually been waiting 4 the particular house since last week
but did'nt get to see it as the landlady said they wanted to repair and painted the house first..
but then,i've called her back last wednesday and she said we can go to see the house anytime
and tell her if we interested to it..
but, it seems like the house is not meant for us...kitorg redha je la..

after we've heard abt the house is already taken,
i'd tried to call another agent to ask about one particular apartment..
he said that he'll call me back tomorrow,
n i really hope that he will since
my members and i kinda desperate to get a house
bcoz we've to move out from hostel as soon b4 next sem which will start on july..
doa'2kan la kitorg ye..

Friday, April 10, 2009

drama's done!

salam n hye..
drama was expected to be started on 11.15 a.m..
after i've change, my group member asked me abt our backdrop which supposed to be my job to bring it..
juz then i realised tat i did'nt bring it as i left it in my room!
in rush, my friend(who was already wore her costume) n i got back to hostel(u could'nt imagine how far our TESL block to the hostel)..
along the way, we had to tebalkan our muka since everybody tat we'd bumped to,looking at us weirdly(ya la,spe x cuak tetiba nmpk 2 org budak with shakespearan costume..hehe).
after i'd taken the backdrop, i'd found out tat my classmate already waiting 4 me outside
with a motorbike..(Alhamdulillah,ad gak org yg simpati..=])
as i smpi kat tesl block,2 of my friend help me to make-up my face though i actually berat hati nk b'make-up2 xpela,utk drama ni,i korbankan je muka i..hehe..
i'm not sure wat time was it actually when it was time 4 my group to dramatised as i was so nervous till did'nt get to look at my watch..
the drama went well,n we felt gud after we've done it..
it's a precious xperienced tat i've got for i never thought tat i would starred a drama on stage(though its juz a abt 20 minute drama which actually our assgment)..
my drama group was included of 5 brilliant,cooperating boy n gurls n i've felt grateful to be part of them in tis drama..

smntara mata msih segar..

salam n hye..
it's 3.33 a.m now,n wat i'm doing not sleep yet at tis minute?
actually,br abis wat asgmen,sok kna hntar da..
nape wat lewat?
ala,,cam x besa lak,korg pn sme je kn...hehe..dun mad2..
esok turn group drama i utk stagekn drama kitorg..
x sabar+berdebar+seronok=excited..
bes tul tgk 4 group len yg da lps wat drama pg td..
pg td hntar poster social studies utk asgment poster presentation..
pas present poster tu next week, kna wat 1000 words essay lak,
ntah pe la yg i'll mengarut utk essay tu,sme2 kte nt kan...haha

Monday, April 6, 2009


salam n hye..

one of tis sem coursework is a dramatisation from shakespearan play-the merchant of venice..

the whole process utk jayakan tis drama is a wonderful xperience coz the teamwork among the

team members is so clear for everyone wanna give all out to jayakan tis particular play..

in tis play, for my groups, i pegang watak Nerissa,a beautiful[huhu] maid of a young heir of


dlm drama ni,kitorg suma kena pakai proper costume yg menggambarkan zaman2

shakespearan/elizabethan play..

insya Allah,lps sume selesai n b'jln ngn lncar,i'll try to upload my group picture wearing our very

own costume..

~**thnks 4 dropped by**~

april-the busy month..

salam n hye..
sorry 4 not update after quite long time..
n thnks so much for those who are still coming to tis blog..
actually,i've been busy with exam n loooooooaaaaaaaaaadddddddddsssssss of assignment till the end of tis april,[tu pun klu da x de next asgmen]..
lps cuti skola hr tu,i did'nt get to balik kepong smpi my aunt n granny cam da t'tnya2 npe i lme x blk..
mne x nye,sblm ni,wlu sbyk mne pn asgmen,i'll try jgk tuk blk tp kali ni mmg busy gler2..
i pn rindu nk blk kepong coz da lme x mkn mskn umh..
x saba nyer nk selesaikan suma ke'bz'an nih..

benci tp kenapa bila..?

salam n hi..
there is one boy tat i'm not so interested to esp. after i heard frm my fren about his so-called true color..
but u know wat?tis kinda not bad looking boy made my heart beats fastly..
he's from another course but he's so close with student from another class of my batch..
lately,i've bumped into him everytime i went out to dinner with one particular fren since he is a friend of her.
i know i really dont like him,but i dunno why my heart beats so fast whenever i see him..
know wat?i'll try to keep denying tis weird feeling coz i think i should not take tis thing seriously..
juz wanna share wif u i'm relieved..=]