Tuesday, April 14, 2009

finding a house+depression due to busy daysssssssssssssssssssssss

salam n hye..
last sunday,
my roomate and i managed to see an apartment nearby(not really actually,haha)..
b4 seeing the apartment,we'd actually put the apartment on the first list of potential house tat we're going to rent,
but unfortunately,
after looked around the neighborhood of this particular apartment,
it seemed not too secure for female students like us..
so, the apartment is a big NO 4 us..
at the same time,my roommate tried to call another agent about one particular condominium nearby our institute and we manage to make an appointment with the agent together with the landlord today at 5.30pm..
the house will be rented for RM750,with 3 bedrooms,2 bathrooms and guess what?at floor 17th!!!!!
floor 17th?!!that too high 4 me as i'd tried to climb up(wif lift of coz) the 17th floor of the same condo the other day and u know what? it makes me so kecut perut and hardly to breath(seriously!)..
yet, it's the nearest condo with our institute(juz behind the inst.) and if we get to rent it, it would be much more convenient 4 us since we did'nt have to worry about transportation..
but, our one major problem now is that we are shorten of housemate-to-be(it's juz 3 of us) and to afford a condo with RM750 per month will cost us almost half of our RM450 monthly allowwances!!(imagine;there will be very tiny miny money left for us to spend on other expenses!)
u know, thinking of finding an affordable house with only 3 memberS (and not to forget we're juz foundation students) would be quiet difficult in KL..
and it makes my friends and i frustrated enough in addition when we've to think about it at the same time we've got a load of assignmentsssssssssss to think of..
(feel like wanna cry right now,huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..(T_T)

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