Friday, August 29, 2008

people change~

salam n hai..
it's been a few days since i'm not write..
people change..
yeah,of course they do..
they will,to adapt with their new environment..
i'm sure all of us changing time by time,i am..
some people change to be a better man,but some to the one who we not known like b4..
it's hard to accept someone who we know well before but changed to a new person which hurt us..
urm,sorry 4 my quite twisting words~

Friday, August 22, 2008

ALHAMDULILLAH..pass the JPJ test

salam n hai,
yesterday i've gone through my jpj test n finally,
i pass the test!
i'll get my license by this coming sunday..
i'll write more soon..bye!!
p/s:not done the assignmentS yet!!gotta go!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

tons of assignment to do

salam n hai
not enough time to worry about my missing phone
start searching for materials for the assignments at library this morning
found some of the materials and will be back at the library tomorrow to finish the searching of the materials and start editing n choosing the best materials from those i got..
need to finish all this assignment b4 thursday because i gotta go to my license test which i failed b4..
wish me luck yeah!!
[dun want to repeat the license test again,so tired thinking of it]

Sunday, August 17, 2008

a tough journey to my hometown! T.T

salam n hai!
i dont know whats happening to me lately,
i think i need to remind [muhasabah] myself what i have done all this while,

1st=my hp missing
2nd=my bus which should start our way back to kedah at 2.30pm yesterday,delayed the perjalanan to 5.++ pm!

could u imagine us waiting for the bus for 3 hours on heavy rainy day!?
with our wet baju,
we get on to our freezing seat.
n guess what,
the ujian not stop there,
the bus already stopped at hentian sebelah simpang pulai[perak]
when i wake up from my nap.
we felt something wrong somewhere when the bus still not moving after 1 hour.
my friends had asked 1 of the passenger what's going on actually,
we're told that the bus's clutch actually had broke down,
n they are waiting for a mechanic to fix it up!
then,i thought it would be ok if it take 1.++ hours to wait for the machanic,
the bus still not going anywhere after the clock pass 12.30 midnight!!!!!
after having some chat[?] with the other passengers,
they told us that we could wait for the mechanic to come,
tumpang another bus instead.
at first,
i n my friends are planning to wait for the mechanic n we even have our nap for some minutes,
when we woke up ,
we saw 2 ''tuut tuut''[cannot mention their name maa] buses
are there to tumpangkan some of the pessengers of my bus to our destination.
i look at the clock n it's 2 a.m already,
n we cannot take it anymore to wait forever for the mechanic to come!![ergh!!]
we decided to tmpang one of the bus and willing to have our seat on the stairs of the bus only,
as long as we sampai to our destination safe n soundly.
after 11 HOURS [whoa! can u believe it [KL-ALOR SETAR]?!!]
i arrived at tol nearby my house,
with my parents n my 2 sleeping sister,
already waiting for me,
after had a call from my friend
to fetch me up.
when i think positively about what happen to me lately
there's always hikmah di sebalik every single thing happened..

1st=i should listen to my parents advice to hang my hp around my neck so that it will
not missing!!
2nd= check with someone who always using the public transportation before decide
to pick which company of the transportation should i use

phewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!huh.....[exhausted] -,-

Friday, August 15, 2008

mana hp akuuu ???????!!!!!!!

salam n hai,
today's the most chaotic day for me as my hp was MISSING!!!!!!!!!
i'd look for it everywhere around the ipg!
i also went to tesl block 2 times which is all the way up to the hill of the ipik!!
i even not have the chance to take a nap for this whole day!
i'd called my phone hundreds of times n nobody pick it up..
i'd told my mum about it n she's not as mad as i thought she would be
she even said that maybe i could use my dad's PDA hp ..
the most hard thing to accept that all my contacts in the sim card inside the hp are all lost,
so pathetic dont u think so?
i never left my phone b4,n it's hard this time!!
the hp had bought by my bro right b4 he went to syria,
thats what the sentimental valued mean for my HP.........
so sorry abg, 4 lost the sorry..
n to all my friends,
so sorry as we might be lost contact for a while......

Thursday, August 14, 2008

new life!!!

salam n hi!!
after a very busy weeks
i finally get to continue my blogging!
arabic language to TESL?
what do u think?
a very big transformation in my life
i'm very worried whether i can survive in TESL or not
after i'd fall in love in arabic,
it's a tough decision to make when i know i had given the 2nd chance to be a trainee teacher..
a lot of things i want to share with you guys actually
but i will tell you later on because i've no mood to talk about that for this time being..
one thing for sure,
can't wait till tomorrow because i'll be at my grandma's home at kepong
n my mak long who live at cheras will fetch me n my 2 more friends to grandma's house after maghrib..
i n my 2 friends will start our way to BALIK KAMPUNG for this 1 week intra semester break on saturday evening!