Sunday, August 17, 2008

a tough journey to my hometown! T.T

salam n hai!
i dont know whats happening to me lately,
i think i need to remind [muhasabah] myself what i have done all this while,

1st=my hp missing
2nd=my bus which should start our way back to kedah at 2.30pm yesterday,delayed the perjalanan to 5.++ pm!

could u imagine us waiting for the bus for 3 hours on heavy rainy day!?
with our wet baju,
we get on to our freezing seat.
n guess what,
the ujian not stop there,
the bus already stopped at hentian sebelah simpang pulai[perak]
when i wake up from my nap.
we felt something wrong somewhere when the bus still not moving after 1 hour.
my friends had asked 1 of the passenger what's going on actually,
we're told that the bus's clutch actually had broke down,
n they are waiting for a mechanic to fix it up!
then,i thought it would be ok if it take 1.++ hours to wait for the machanic,
the bus still not going anywhere after the clock pass 12.30 midnight!!!!!
after having some chat[?] with the other passengers,
they told us that we could wait for the mechanic to come,
tumpang another bus instead.
at first,
i n my friends are planning to wait for the mechanic n we even have our nap for some minutes,
when we woke up ,
we saw 2 ''tuut tuut''[cannot mention their name maa] buses
are there to tumpangkan some of the pessengers of my bus to our destination.
i look at the clock n it's 2 a.m already,
n we cannot take it anymore to wait forever for the mechanic to come!![ergh!!]
we decided to tmpang one of the bus and willing to have our seat on the stairs of the bus only,
as long as we sampai to our destination safe n soundly.
after 11 HOURS [whoa! can u believe it [KL-ALOR SETAR]?!!]
i arrived at tol nearby my house,
with my parents n my 2 sleeping sister,
already waiting for me,
after had a call from my friend
to fetch me up.
when i think positively about what happen to me lately
there's always hikmah di sebalik every single thing happened..

1st=i should listen to my parents advice to hang my hp around my neck so that it will
not missing!!
2nd= check with someone who always using the public transportation before decide
to pick which company of the transportation should i use

phewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!huh.....[exhausted] -,-

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