Thursday, November 29, 2007

2 papers to go!!!

salam n hi again!!
today selesailah subjek ke 9 dr 11 subj yg i amik..
means, ada lagi 2 sub @ 2 days lg utk selesaikan xm ni..
pastu, blik kl, release2 tension jap,
balik alor star,siapkan kelengkapan n g........................PLKN!!!
hari ni br dpt surat JLKN dgn segala jenis borang kat dlm tu..
yg plg best bila pk bleh pegang senjata M16 tuuu....
uish,x leh lps ni..
ni yg x sbr2 ni..
i dgr2 mmg ramai jgk la girls sek i dpt kem sesapa yg dpt kat DUSUN RESORT tu,
kita jumpa kat sana la ye..
i dgr dr kwn i,
kem tu okey..
i hope i pun leh sesuaikan diri ngn environment kat sna..
c u when i c u..

Saturday, November 24, 2007

4 more subject to go+new hp??+plkn!!

after a hardwork for the first 5 subj,
and have a 7 days break,
i'm very happy with my perfomance in today's subj..
there's 4 more subject to finish this exam!!
talk about plkn,
i got campsite not far from my house,
it'll make it easier 4 my family when they wanna visit me..
one more,
one of my friend also in the same camp!!
i'm so relief when i found it out!!
at least there is someone that i can talk with when i have problems..
my sister juz got her new hp,
a lil bit jealous at her ,
but it's ok,
i can accept it...
k, that's all 4 this time being.
don't forget to hit me on my e-mail or ym,
c u when i c u

Monday, November 5, 2007

b'tambah stress

dah la tgh stress,
tambah plak satu lg stress,
camne ni..
rs nk nangis je..
sakitnya kepala!!!
t'gugat smangat study i!
bila kita sungguh2 nk tolong org,
kita lak t'abai..

Saturday, November 3, 2007

stress on the exam!!!!!!!!!

hi again..
my spm is very2 around the corner..
a few days to go..
cant wait to start n end it!!
stress all the time when thinking about it..
hope i'll face it calmly n put all my best effort 4 it!
yes! ican do it!!!

pray 4 me??