Monday, April 6, 2009


salam n hye..

one of tis sem coursework is a dramatisation from shakespearan play-the merchant of venice..

the whole process utk jayakan tis drama is a wonderful xperience coz the teamwork among the

team members is so clear for everyone wanna give all out to jayakan tis particular play..

in tis play, for my groups, i pegang watak Nerissa,a beautiful[huhu] maid of a young heir of


dlm drama ni,kitorg suma kena pakai proper costume yg menggambarkan zaman2

shakespearan/elizabethan play..

insya Allah,lps sume selesai n b'jln ngn lncar,i'll try to upload my group picture wearing our very

own costume..

~**thnks 4 dropped by**~

april-the busy month..

salam n hye..
sorry 4 not update after quite long time..
n thnks so much for those who are still coming to tis blog..
actually,i've been busy with exam n loooooooaaaaaaaaaadddddddddsssssss of assignment till the end of tis april,[tu pun klu da x de next asgmen]..
lps cuti skola hr tu,i did'nt get to balik kepong smpi my aunt n granny cam da t'tnya2 npe i lme x blk..
mne x nye,sblm ni,wlu sbyk mne pn asgmen,i'll try jgk tuk blk tp kali ni mmg busy gler2..
i pn rindu nk blk kepong coz da lme x mkn mskn umh..
x saba nyer nk selesaikan suma ke'bz'an nih..

benci tp kenapa bila..?

salam n hi..
there is one boy tat i'm not so interested to esp. after i heard frm my fren about his so-called true color..
but u know wat?tis kinda not bad looking boy made my heart beats fastly..
he's from another course but he's so close with student from another class of my batch..
lately,i've bumped into him everytime i went out to dinner with one particular fren since he is a friend of her.
i know i really dont like him,but i dunno why my heart beats so fast whenever i see him..
know wat?i'll try to keep denying tis weird feeling coz i think i should not take tis thing seriously..
juz wanna share wif u i'm relieved..=]