Monday, October 27, 2008

juz got back from pangkor

salam n hi..
i n my cohort-mates actually baru je balik dari camping kat p.pangkor,
trip kat sana mmg best!
plus ngn lecturers yg sporting2
n xtvt yg cool!
kayak tgh laut tuu
ada la dlm 10km..
plg best,
kerjasama 60 person of us utk
lancarkan suma xtvt
dari peralatan smpai la memasak,
suma wat sesama..
every xtvt strenghten the bonding among us..
tu yg penting..

Saturday, October 25, 2008

my college life

salam n hi!
wah, so long i'm not blog hah!
well,as if anyone notice me..haha
i juz remember that i'm not telling u guys yet about my new college life..

it's hard to sesuaikan myself in this tefl course,
i always think that my english level is always lower than my cohort-mates..
no matter what,
i try to do my best in every assignment given..
whenever my lecturers remind us that they have to use higher english level with us and that we have to use the higher english level in our assignments since we are the oversea twinning programme students,
i become terrified as i know since my high school years,
my teachers always tell me about my simple english that i use..
it's frightened me enough to let me think wether i can survive to get to QUT(Queensland Universities of Technology,Australia) or not,
[even most of the time,i think i cannot!]
despite of this thoughts,
i always remind myself that i should do something to improve my english level n get myself to QUT in 201o..
to be continued...