Sunday, May 17, 2009

takziah to fad sekeluarga..

salam n hye..
tis morning i've found out that my friend had lost his father..
mari kita sama2 sdekahkan Al-fatihah utk arwah ayahanda shbtku..

more pics on lang camp

izni n i....nk blk dah...huhu

b4 entering bukit kayu hitam-the border of thailand..,we'd gone obroad!yeah!huhu
faces of teachers to be...Insya Allah..
the main attraction at hosba-the fluffy(it's kinda caterpillar,i guess..he2)
the performance from one of the campusses
IPIK choral speaking performance...after all the hardwork practices..
wif ain b4 heading back to KL..

language camp..

school visit-get to become teacher 4 an hour..weehoo!

b4 heading to the school..
my seat in bus-huhuhu

my luggage..xcept the polo one..
the xciting faces b4 departing..

salam n hye to all..
4-8th may last week,my cohort take part in national language camp at HOSBA a.k.a gardenia camp..
the camp wast not so bad,as it happened to be not far from my hometown,n my mak n abah get to go to the camp to see me! love ya,mmmuuuahx..=)..
(SORRY 4 the pics not in chronologically order..)