Saturday, July 25, 2009

got an award!

salam n hye..
i've got an award 4 following my buddy's blog recently..
he's the only person who is so rajin tagging,awarding,reply to my post n i wanna
thnks a lot 2 him..
thnks 4 doin all those stuff
if it were'nt u,i think i would hardly get any reply on my post..
u noe who u r..thnks dude!huhuhu..

p/s: sorry 4 not replying to the tags,i'll try as i could..;D

Friday, July 24, 2009

butterfly fly away..

salam n hye..
smlm ad sekor butterfly msuk blik i..
quite huge jgk...
smpi jgk butterfly terbang smpai tgkap blik i kt level 17 ni..huhu

Thursday, July 23, 2009

huargh........^O^..Just woke up..

salam n hye..
lmenye since i'd updated my last post..
sory for there were a lot of things happened and happening..
antaranya: started my 3rd sem which is the last sem for this foundation course ; my eldest bro had come back from syria ; 've been tru bz days wif homeworks, presentations, assignments, ; and not to forget movies and shopping..hehe

xpe2,if there's time,i'll try my best to update k..
see ya...