Saturday, November 24, 2007

4 more subject to go+new hp??+plkn!!

after a hardwork for the first 5 subj,
and have a 7 days break,
i'm very happy with my perfomance in today's subj..
there's 4 more subject to finish this exam!!
talk about plkn,
i got campsite not far from my house,
it'll make it easier 4 my family when they wanna visit me..
one more,
one of my friend also in the same camp!!
i'm so relief when i found it out!!
at least there is someone that i can talk with when i have problems..
my sister juz got her new hp,
a lil bit jealous at her ,
but it's ok,
i can accept it...
k, that's all 4 this time being.
don't forget to hit me on my e-mail or ym,
c u when i c u

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