Friday, August 15, 2008

mana hp akuuu ???????!!!!!!!

salam n hai,
today's the most chaotic day for me as my hp was MISSING!!!!!!!!!
i'd look for it everywhere around the ipg!
i also went to tesl block 2 times which is all the way up to the hill of the ipik!!
i even not have the chance to take a nap for this whole day!
i'd called my phone hundreds of times n nobody pick it up..
i'd told my mum about it n she's not as mad as i thought she would be
she even said that maybe i could use my dad's PDA hp ..
the most hard thing to accept that all my contacts in the sim card inside the hp are all lost,
so pathetic dont u think so?
i never left my phone b4,n it's hard this time!!
the hp had bought by my bro right b4 he went to syria,
thats what the sentimental valued mean for my HP.........
so sorry abg, 4 lost the sorry..
n to all my friends,
so sorry as we might be lost contact for a while......

1 comment:

Ir. aSuRaMaRu™ said...

cmne leh ilang..
ko ble stat cuti??
spatutnya dh stat kn ari nih??
tmpt bru ok ke?? xp