Saturday, April 11, 2009

gara2 drama..

salam n hye..
know what?
tis morning, in class,
some of my classmates turned to me and gave their response for my role in the drama yesterday..
they said i was so flirty in the drama(my role needed me to be so..anyway,my partner in the drama was my roomate herself la,not a boy ok..)..
bcoz of the drama, my roomate n i got such response which i considered positive,since it shows that we've played our role successfully..=)
today i've got a replacement classes as we'll get xtra cuti raya(i've heard so)
after class, i've thought to see a house for my member and i was about to rent it,
but, it was too late since once i called the landlady,
she said that the house has been taken by somebody else..
can u imagine how break our heart were when we heard abt this..
we've actually been waiting 4 the particular house since last week
but did'nt get to see it as the landlady said they wanted to repair and painted the house first..
but then,i've called her back last wednesday and she said we can go to see the house anytime
and tell her if we interested to it..
but, it seems like the house is not meant for us...kitorg redha je la..

after we've heard abt the house is already taken,
i'd tried to call another agent to ask about one particular apartment..
he said that he'll call me back tomorrow,
n i really hope that he will since
my members and i kinda desperate to get a house
bcoz we've to move out from hostel as soon b4 next sem which will start on july..
doa'2kan la kitorg ye..


Ir. aSuRaMaRu™ said...

"they said i'm so flirty in the drama"....
i like this phrase... xp

Wa_Fa said...

knp ye?

Ir. aSuRaMaRu™ said...

saje je....
phrase yang agak rare tuh.... xp