Friday, April 10, 2009

drama's done!

salam n hye..
drama was expected to be started on 11.15 a.m..
after i've change, my group member asked me abt our backdrop which supposed to be my job to bring it..
juz then i realised tat i did'nt bring it as i left it in my room!
in rush, my friend(who was already wore her costume) n i got back to hostel(u could'nt imagine how far our TESL block to the hostel)..
along the way, we had to tebalkan our muka since everybody tat we'd bumped to,looking at us weirdly(ya la,spe x cuak tetiba nmpk 2 org budak with shakespearan costume..hehe).
after i'd taken the backdrop, i'd found out tat my classmate already waiting 4 me outside
with a motorbike..(Alhamdulillah,ad gak org yg simpati..=])
as i smpi kat tesl block,2 of my friend help me to make-up my face though i actually berat hati nk b'make-up2 xpela,utk drama ni,i korbankan je muka i..hehe..
i'm not sure wat time was it actually when it was time 4 my group to dramatised as i was so nervous till did'nt get to look at my watch..
the drama went well,n we felt gud after we've done it..
it's a precious xperienced tat i've got for i never thought tat i would starred a drama on stage(though its juz a abt 20 minute drama which actually our assgment)..
my drama group was included of 5 brilliant,cooperating boy n gurls n i've felt grateful to be part of them in tis drama..


Ir. aSuRaMaRu™ said...

congratulation on your drama play.....
nice dress n u r look nice tooo.... xp

p/s : reply dalam english bunyi pelik la pulok.... xp

Wa_Fa said...