Thursday, April 30, 2009

me in a week time..briefly..ngeee

salam n hye..
it's almost a week since i was updating ma blog..
sory, bz maaaaaaaa....hehe
let's me recall what i've been doing this week..
saturday: nothing to do-a friend asked my roomate n i to lepak in her room coz she's alone since her roomate is away-we were watching movies in her room-chit chatting-sleep
sunday:got thing to do-yet,i was keep delaying it till night-da mlm btul2,br start wat-browsing the net 4 next day classes-sleep late-pdn muka,hahaha
monday: got classes till 6.30-got team handball competition started at 4.30-i was in white team-guess who won??-it's my team!!!-weeeeeeeeeeehooooooooooo..-9.30 till 10.30 got choral speaking practise 4 language camp next week..
got classes till 3.30-had social studies presentation,but my group x smpat present,hehe-9.30 till 10.30,choral speaking practise(agaaaainn)..-got back from choral speaking,had to burn midnight oil with one of my group member to prepare 4 SS presentation..
classes till 3,get sleepy in class due to tido lewat,haha-had SS presentation-had NL presentation-choral speaking practise had started at 8.30 till 10.30
that's all 4 my report at this moment,tq..
see ya!=]

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