Friday, June 6, 2008

the last few bz weeks........~

salam n hi again n again..

i kurang leh on [bhs pe nih~hihi]..
coz my lil sis bz wif her PMR projects using laptop..
n made me hav few time to be on9[although there is another pc in my house~hihi]
lgpun hari2 i yg sibuk ngn driving school n computer class menyempitkan lg ruang masa i utk on..
bila dah bleh on ni,
i jumpa plak web yang serve blog template 4 blogger..
i never think that there is a place where u can get lots of blogger template..
bila i dah tuka template..
my imeem box,visitor counter,chat box,n all the cute graphic image was gone..
n now i need to track them back n spend some time to customize my blog again..
well..utk sape jgk..
utk menyedapkan mata i n mata korang gak kan..
k la..
keep reading yeah..
chow chin chow...

salam n bye2!!!!!!

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