Wednesday, May 20, 2009

layan my emo jap..

jenny misses her fren, elle, so much. she is so worried of her fren as she never heard any news from her dearest fren for almost 2 days. elle has never done this to jenny since they always keep in touch before, even for a couple minutes per day. jenny has tried to contact her fren tru sms,but elle never replied. on 1 evening, jenny gets a msg from elle. she is so relieved that her fren is doing fine. but now, when jenny poured out all her worries, elle seems doesn't care about it. jenny feels so sad because elle does not care of her feeling.(GAMBAR HIASAN)
moral of the story: kita kna jaga hati kawan, even xnak mesej dye,try hntar ym ke, emel ke, supaya kawan kte x risau. myb kte x de pa pe perasaan klu kte x msj dye utk sehari,tp penah ke kte pikir prasaan kwn kita?

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